A truly impactful user experience is defined early and establishes the strategy and principles needed to create a fully differentiated product.

When UX is implemented effectively, it unites with product and marketing and is the cohesive thread that binds the product, the brand, and the way they communicate with the world.  

My curiosity and passion around what makes a great experience has lead me to understand the impact of design on all stages of product development - from concept, to brand, to campaign, to retail experience - and how they work in unison to transform the person they come in contact with.

These are the user experiences I help create.



What i do

My work as a UX designer, researcher, and strategist encompasses everything from conducting research, to defining target users, design principles, use cases and requirements, to designing and testing prototypes. Throughout my process, I work closely with the product and marketing teams to understand their needs, communicate UX goals, and ensure all teams are aligned in delivering a unified experience.

who i am

I've spent more than 10 years exploring user experience through different lenses: At Crate & Barrel, I designed physical retail spaces. At YouTube, I explored user trends and created branded experiences. At Intel, I lead the UX development of their wireless charging initiative. At Sterling Brands, I developed brand strategies for top tech companies, to differentiate their positioning and their products. At Collective Health, I focused on UX research to define product direction. At fuseproject, I gave our clients strategic product and UX direction, and currently, at Instagram I provide our product teams UX research and strategy.

what i'm looking for

To lead the UX strategy and product delivery for a company striving to change the landscape of their industry - and who believes UX and design are key to making that happen. A company that understands UX is not just the visual design a user comes in contact with, but encompasses all aspects of the end user's interaction with the product and brand (it's not just me saying this). A company filled with smart people, doing cool things, driven to make a difference in people's lives...and changing the world as a result.